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Translation Forum Russia 2010 will be held on September 24-26 in Ekaterinburg, at Angelo Airport Hotel, 55a Bakhchivandzhi Str., Yekaterinburg, Russia.

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Training for Freelance Translators

Talks and workshops on current market trends, best practices and new translation tools. Practical guidelines for those who are getting ready to ply the waters of the free market.

Software for Translators

Tips and tricks on how to streamline your work processes, make your life easier and get ready for your clients’ technological needs and whims. These bits of wisdom are sure to come in handy and will save your a good deal of time and nerves.

Specialized Translation

Zooming in on specialty subject matter and specific industries. Terminology, standards and conventions, learning tools. False friends and other translation pitfalls.

Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting

Talks, workshops and training sessions on how to prepare professionally and emotionally for the challenges of the interpreting career.

Translation / Language Service Management

How to establish efficient translation workflows. Talks and workshops intended for translation agency executives, managers of translator teams and for anyone who has been blessed with large translation volumes. Best practices, latest tools, advice from industry professionals.

Translation Market

Latest news, trends and developments on the business side of the industry. Looking for the next big thing that will for ever change the world of translation. And, of course, plenty of networking opportunities.

Translation Business and Translator Community: Working Together

How businesses can help translators, educators and the industry at large. Finding common ground, sharing ideas, looking for systemic ways of solving common problems.

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