Translation Forum Russia 2010 is a national translation industry conference borne out of the merger of Russia’s two primary translation-related events: The Round Table on Translation Practices in Samara and The Interpreters & Translators Forum in Ekaterinburg.

From 2010 onward, the forum is hosted by an organizing committee comprising three companies: All Correct Language Solutions translation agency (Samara), Business Bureau of the Association of Interpreters (Ekaterinburg) and ProVerbum training centre for translators and interpreters(St. Petersburg).

About the founders

All Correct Language Solutions is the largest translation agency in the Samara region of Russia. It was established in 2006 and is an associated member of the Translators Union of Russia. Since 2007, All Correct Language Solutions has been hosting an annual Round Table on Translation Practices in the city of Samara.

Business Bureau of the Association of Interpreters is the successor of the Independent Association of Interpreters founded in Ekaterinburg in 1994 with the aim of disseminating information in the domain of professional translation, filling critical legal gaps, offering training for interpreters and translators and providing them with better legal and social protection. Today they are the leading translation agency in Ekaterinburg offering a full range of services in the field of multilingual communication. They have also developed an original training course for interpreters dubbed Interpreters Special Task Force, which is offered on a regular basis to interpreters wishing to develop their professional skills and improve the quality of their work.

ProVerbum is a training and continuous education centre for translators, interpreters and translation teachers. Established in St. Petersburg in 2009, it organizes seminars and hands-on training sessions for translators and interpreters in various specialty areas, such as technical, business, finance and legal translation, IT for translators, consecutive and simultaneous interpreting, German, Japanese translation etc. The main objective is to offer training in the skills and quality standards required in today’s translation industry, and to provide a venue for recognized industry professionals to share their experience and skills with a wide public of practicing translators, interpreters and translation teachers.

Tasks of each of the organizing committee members:

  • participation in the work on the programme;
  • invitation of speakers;
  • moderation of specific sections;
  • promotion of the event following an agreed-upon marketing plan: enlisting sponsors, advertising, direct mail etc.;
  • participation in the budgeting process;
  • financial assistance to the host company;
  • providing an on-site representative at the event to assist the host company;
  • the host company is responsible for practical organizational matters: renting a venue and equipment, providing meals and accommodation for the guests, etc., and will report to the other members of the organizing committee.

Dates: annually, three days, Friday to Sunday, between 15 August and 15 October.

Venue: the host city will change each year (will be rotated).

Target audience:

  • translation buyers;
  • executives of translation/localization service providers;
  • managers of in-house translation teams;
  • translation software vendors;
  • representatives of institutions offering translator/interpreter training;
  • freelance and in-house translators/interpreters;
  • translation students.

Total number of participants: 150-300 persons.

Objectives of the conference:

  • provide a high-quality venue for industry members with a large attendance and an international prestige;
  • share experience;
  • find ways of solving the key problems of the translation industry;
  • help to improve the quality of service;
  • help to cut costs and increase profits of industry players;
  • share best practices in translation business management;
  • work out common guidelines for the interaction of translation agencies (in-house departments) with translation vendors and freelance translators;
  • make the market a little bit more civilized;
  • provide networking opportunities and build great business contacts.

Event formats:

  • general and expert discussions;
  • talks and presentations;
  • workshops;
  • poster presentations;
  • master classes;
  • informal networking.


  • leading foreign experts in translation and localization;
  • Russian translation and localization experts;
  • translation/localization software vendors;
  • executives of language service providers;
  • representatives of translators associations (UTR, NLT etc);
  • members of the organizing committee;
  • anyone willing to contribute on an interesting topic (subject to selection through a voting process on the conference web site).


  • For the participants: new insights, experience and contacts;
  • For all: guidelines that the participants will agree to follow in the future, presentation slides and summaries of talks will be made publicly available on the conference web site.
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